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Access between $2,000 and $50,000 per exchanged contract commissions.*

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You can get paid commissions upfront without waiting weeks for settlement and boost your cashflow.

+ Save time

No need to reapply each time a property sells, credit limits increase automatically as your business grows.

+ No property security

The advance funding is secured against your commissions, with no need for further security.

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Only pay for what you use. If you don’t need us, there are no costs. Pick the period you need funds for.


We deal directly with you and have no interaction with your vendor. All we need to evidence is an unconditional sale.


Easy to use with integration options or access to a self-service online portal available 24/7.


Fast payouts with same day approval and next day funding so you can access your funds when you need it.

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More information on how it works.

What is AgentPay?

AgentPay allows an agency to leverage the value of their exchanged/unconditional sales contracts with immediate access to funds up to the full value of commission typically received upon settlement.

What Information do I need to provide?

The process is easy and fast and automated through your CRM or direct on our Agency portal.

We will need

  • Listing Authority
  • Contract of Sale
  • The Amount you wish to access
  • The Settlement Date
  • Unconditional sale letter from a conveyancer
  • Commission Tax Invoice

If you operate as a contractor to an Agency your company will need to be onboarded with Rello.

How do I get started?

The first step is to get onboarded with Rello and open an account. We will need to obtain some information about you, your company, the directors and owners plus get a copy of your trust bank statements, so we know where to deposit your advances.

What is the eligibility for early funding of a commission?

You must

  • be onboarded with Rello
  • hold a valid Agency Selling Authority
  • have exchanged a signed Contract of Sale
  • hold a letter from a solicitor or conveyancer confirming unconditional /exchange /settlement date

Do you accept all my exchanged/unconditional contracts for early funding?

Only the ones that are unconditional and settlement is less than 120 days away. However, off-the-plan sales won’t be applicable for this advance.

How much can I borrow?

We provide funding amounts between $2,000 and $50,000 per exchanged/unconditional contract.

How much does it cost?

5.0% for the first 60 days and 2.5% for every additional 30 days up to a total of 120 days. There are no sign-up fees and no lock-in contract.

Do you call my Vendors?

No, your advance is confidential, and we do not contact your customers.

How do I draw funds?

  • Once you have been notified that your account is live, you’re ready to start drawing on early pay advances.
  • If your CRM is connected to Rello its all automated and you do not need to do a thing.
  • If not, you need to access the Rello platform enter the amount you require and upload sales Authority, deposit information, and contract of sale
  • We will advance the funds less our fee the next day.

How do repayments work?

At settlement or release of the deposit, the funds advanced will need to be repaid to us from these sale proceeds or via direct debit from your nominated account.

  • You can exit penalty-free providing your balance has been paid down to $0.
  • Each drawdown requires the Agency to unconditionally transfer and assign your legal and beneficial right, title and interest in and to the Commission and grant an Interest in the Commission to Rello.

What happens if settlement or delayed?

Settlement can be delayed for a number of reasons outside of your control. If settlement is delayed we provide you a 7-day grace period.

* Terms and conditions apply. Funding provided by Rello Finance Pty Ltd, ACN 633 994 859.