Access your deposit early

Access up to $250,000 of your deposit held in trust. Don't wait until your property settles to access your funds.

A different way to bridge

Simpler than a top-up or mortgage application. Get paid within 24 hours with Rello!

Up to $250,000

We fund up to 80% of your deposit held in trust once your contract is unconditional.

Up to 120 days

We cater for settlement periods. One fee of 5.5% for 60 days. An additional 1% for every incremental 30 day block up to 120 days.

Quick approval

We can approve the same day and fund you within 24 hours of approval directly to your bank account. 

Pay back at Settlement

No monthly repayments or upfront fees. We’ll work with your conveyancer and get repaid at property settlement.

How we helped our customers get what they want

Need access to your deposit early?

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