Frequently asked questions


Who is Rello? 

Rello is a cloud-based embedded payments and financing technology company designed to help real estate agents save time and provide their clients and suppliers with multiple ways to pay, be paid or access finance for any real estate services transaction.


How does it work? 

Rello can be used via various software integrations, as well our stand-alone easy to use app. We provide “click to send” and “click to pay” approach to payments an agency receives across property management or sales.


What information do I need to apply?

You will need:

  • Information about your agency (name, ABN).
  • Director details and ID to complete our KYC/AML process.
  • Business / Trust bank account details so we know where to fund.


Do I have to change my bank account?

No, we will settle into your preferred account.


When will money appear in my bank account?

Your money will settle the same or following banking day after a transaction occurs depending on your bank.


How do I access my customer payment information? 

Using your Agency (Merchant) portal, you can access information on settlements, send payment requests, add users and control their access levels.


Is Rello secure?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard represents a common set of industry tools and measurements to help ensure the safe handling of sensitive information. We are compliant with these security standards which encourage all businesses that store payment account data to help lower the brand and financial risks associated with account payment data compromises. For more information, please refer to


What payment services does Rello provide?

Today we can support your Agency:

  • Pay Now and Pay Later payment options for vendor-paid advertising;
  • early funding on your commissions just to start; and
  • early access to a sales deposit held in trust.

Ask us to find out more by clicking here.


How does Rello help my Ageny? 

If you want to be in control of your own cash flow, get funding the same or next day and you’re looking for a simple experience, then yes.

Rello is built for agencies and platforms of all shapes and sizes, with a focus on providing simple customer payment solutions.

RelloPay - Funding for property listing and marketing costs

How are my advertising, styling and home improvements paid?

Rello makes a payment for the full amount required to your real estate agent, who in turn, pays the parties providing your property marketing services. Your liability to pay Rello starts from the time that you sign our Vendor Agreement.


What fees are associated with using Rello’s Pay Later service?

Rello charges a fee of 6.75% of the total cost of advertising and styling (referred to as ‘Property Marketing Costs’) for a period up to 180 days to provide vendors with enough time and the convenience of paying for these services out of the proceeds of the sale rather than paying upfront. There is a minimum Service Fee of $100.

For example, if your property marketing costs were $5,000 and funding was provided for three months, Rello would advance the funding needed to pay the marketing costs and the amount owing to us would be $5,337.50 ($5,000 x 6.75%).


Is there a maximum amount Rello will fund?

Rello will fund up to 2% of the expected sale price of the property up to $35,000.



When is payment due?

Rello typically paid back (the buy-back date) the earlier the following events:

  • upon settlement of your property; or
  • when the deposit has been released; or
  • the date the property is withdrawn from sale with the original listing agent; or
  • 180 days.

The selling Agency or your conveyancer will typically process the payment to Rello on behalf of the vendor out of these proceeds of the sale.


If your property sells and the settlement date falls beyond the buy-back date, payment may be extended subject to an extension fee.


How will I know when my payment is due?

Rello will let you know when payment is due, including sending you an invoice via email and SMS to let you know when you need to make payment. Payment is typically made from the proceeds of sale at settlement; if this doesn’t happen it’ll be up to you to pay us the amount due.


What happens if I withdraw property from a sale?

If for whatever reason you decide to withdraw your property from sale, any marketing and styling costs which Rello has funded by payment to your real estate agent must be paid at the earlier of the withdrawal date or 180 days.


What if the property doesn’t settle?

If your property doesn’t settle, or the deposit is not released, you will still need to pay Rello the marketing costs plus our fees. If payment is not made, Rello has the right to place a caveat on your property. However, we do give alternate payment options in the event of non-settlement.


Need more advertising and styling?

Simple. Just let your agent know and we’ll make it happen and send you the details via email.


How much does it cost to set up?

There are no set-up fees. Once the Agency has onboarded the service to the agency is free of charge


What will customers be eligible for the Pay Later option? 

  • be at least 18 years old and on title
  • a permanent resident or citizen of Australia
  • hold a valid driver’s license, passport, or Medicare card
  • have an Australian issued credit/debit card or local bank account
  • have a valid and verifiable email address and Australian mobile telephone number
  • agreed sales authority with your agent
  • you agree to our terms and conditions once we have activated your account


Does Rello perform a credit check?

We do not conduct credit checks.

AgentPay - early payment of sales commissions

What is AgentPay?

Want to access your commissions early? AgentPay allows Agents and Agencies to leverage the value of their exchanged/unconditional sales contracts with immediate access to funds up to the full value of commission typically received upon settlement.

You raise funds for your agency without the need to provide any property security. It’s simple, fast and you choose the amount you want to access, be it for your Agent’s share of the commission or the full amount


What Information do I need to provide?

The process is easy and fast and automated through your CRM and also directly the Rello Agency Portal which will send you a notification if you wish to take up an advance

If you operate as a contractor to an Agency your company will need to be onboarded with Rello.


To be eligible for an advance, the agency must:

  • be onboarded with Rello
  • hold a valid Agency Selling Authority
  • have exchanged a signed Contract of Sale
  • hold a letter from a solicitor or conveyancer confirming unconditional /exchange /settlement date
  • verifiable proof of deposit held in trust


Do you accept all my exchanged/unconditional contracts for early funding?

Only the ones that are unconditional and settlement is less than 120 days away. However, off-the-plan sales won’t be applicable for this advance.


How much does it cost?

5.0% for the first 60 days, and 2.5% for every additional 30 days.

There are no sign-up fees and no lock-in contract.


How much can I borrow?

We provide funding amounts between $2,000 and $50,000 per exchanged/unconditional contract.


How do repayments work?

At settlement or release of the deposit, the funds advanced will need to be repaid to us from these sale proceeds or via direct debit from your nominated account.

Deposit Pay - early access to deposit funds held in trust

Who can apply?

  • You must be over the age of 18
  • You must be an Australian Citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid ID and contact details (address, mobile and email)
  • You’ve exchanged contracts on a residential property in Australia
  • Your name is on the title
  • You have a confirmed settlement date

How is my advance paid?

Rello will advance the amount you need to your nominated bank account once you have met our credit requirements. We will fund you within 24 hours of approving your application.’

How does my repayment to Rello work?

When your property settles, we will be repaid from the settlement proceeds the amount we advanced to you plus our fees.

How will I know when my payment is due?

The Agreement sets out the payment date for you which is the settlement date when the funds held in the deposit are due to be released. Rello will also send an email reminder to you prior to the settlement date reconfirming when the funds are due to be paid.

What happens if the sale doesn’t proceed?

If for whatever reason the property sale doesn’t proceed, you are responsible for returning the funds.

What if you need more time?

We can extend up to 120 days incase of delayed settlement.

How do I get in touch to learn more?

Email us at